How Lucky We Are to Hear Guanyin’s Name in the Saha World ! 
Venerable Master Hsuan Hua

Finding My Religion
Interview with Rev. Heng Sure – American Buddhist Monk

“In the monastery, there’s really nowhere to hide. There’s no TV, no magazines, no toys. There isn’t a pill cabinet. You’re basically there with your mind – that’s it. Compare that to the normal living room. The average TV is on six and a half hours a day. Now, that’s an escape. Think about the percentage of folks who depend on psychotropic medication to get through the day and night. How many kids now are hooked on Ritalin? How much time do you spend shopping? People who point the finger [at the monastic life] probably haven’t spent time with their own minds. If they did, they’d discover that you can’t escape. All that stuff in your mind is waiting for you to pay attention to it. Once you sit down [to meditate] and become quiet, this closet of memories, afflictions, anxieties, hopes starts to open up. So the monastery is the last place to go to get away from all that. There’s nothing to divert you. You’ve only got what you’ve been ignoring all this time: the contents of your own head.”

With One Heart: An Evening with Heng Sure and Heng Ch’au

A Monk’s day

Bowing in Repentance

Taking Pride in My Son

A Buddhist Perspective on Animal Rights